Office Cabling, Network CablingHome networking is essential for quick and convenient access to music, data and video files and for the ability to share access to important pieces of equipment like scanners and printers.  A home that contains multiple PCs for personal, school and work can greatly benefit from residential network cabling.

Just because your home has fewer PCs than your office and there are fewer people using them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your residential networking cabling will be an easier project.  Don’t assume that just because your walls don’t contain metal studs and that your floor isn’t poured concrete that your home network cabling job will be a walk in the park.  Depending upon the layout, age and structure of the home, the number of PCs being connected and where exactly the terminals are located a residential network cabling job can be pretty complex.

Progressive office provides a wide variety of cost effective solutions for home networking.  Our technicians have experience with installation of Cat5e, Cat6 and Fiber cable in both new and existing construction and with installations that need a combination or hardwire and wireless technology.

The best way to ensure a fast and headache free installation is by contacting a home network cabling professional.  Simply fill out this form with some basic information and we’ll promptly be in touch to discuss your home network cabling project in detail.Click Here