Theft by employees costs businesses roughly $50 billion annually. Per business, this equates to 5% of the annual revenue. It may not seem much in one year, but the amount quickly increases over time. Installing a security camera system is the best way to safeguard against theft or misconduct.

However, a security camera installation involves more than just throwing up a camera in front of a door. A robust security camera system must be powered via cables that run from the camera to the camera. A professional installer, such as Progressive Office Cabling, can ensure your security cameras are wired correctly.

What is PoE Security Cameras?

Security cameras can be hooked wirelessly or through PoE (power over ethernet). PoE cameras use one network cable to transmit data and power the security camera. This eliminates the need to run multiple lines to each security camera, saving money and allowing for a streamlined cable appearance in your business.

Wireless vs. PoE Security Cameras

Although wireless has applications, large businesses cannot comfortably rely on wireless security cameras. A wireless camera must be within a specific range of the WIFI signal. Anything outside of that range cannot connect and transmit data. This significantly limits the scope of coverage for your business. Wireless security cameras are also more prone to security attacks than PoE cameras.

Contact Progressive Office Cabling to Install PoE Security Cameras

At a minimum, most security cameras are powered by Cat 5 or Cat 6 network cables. A professional installation company, such as Progressive Office Cabling, should only run network cables. Running the wrong network cable could mean inoperable security cameras and a lot of wasted money.

Progressive Office Cabling will map out your business and allow room for expansion. You may want to add additional security cameras in the future. Allowing room for growth means not starting from scratch to incorporate extra cameras. Progressive Office Cabling will run the network cables in your business with minimal disruptions or downtime to your employees. Contact our office at (800) 614-4560 to further discuss a security camera wiring project.