voip, network cabling, There is absolutely no doubt that portable forms of communication like cell phones have completely changed the way that businesses operate. A cell phone allows you to keep in contact with customers and coworkers from the road or from a hotel so you never miss an opportunity to improve your relationship, answer a question or secure a sale. By upgrading your traditional business phone system to a VOIP phone system you can take your business portability to an entirely different level though.

When you upgrade your land line based phone service to a VOIP service you can literally take your office phone with you wherever you go. If there is a broadband internet connection available at your home, at your hotel or even at your vacation rental your customers and coworkers will easily be able to reach you through your business number.

With VOIP service your customers won’t need to pay extra to reach you at some far off location or need to leave a message and wait for your return call. Your customers will also be free from dealing with the aggravation of dropped cell phone calls or poor reception. You’ll have the ability to communicate as easily as you would from the desk in your office from just about anywhere in the country. With VOIP phone service you can easily handle all matters relating to your business from anywhere that you are able to connect to the internet.