Knowing who is coming and going from your business is invaluable information. A data log of which badge was keyed into a particular door after hours could save your business from theft or employee misconduct. It also keeps your employees safer by only allowing individuals access to the building. This can all be achieved by installing a low-voltage control access system.

Components of a Control Access System

A control access system is more complicated than installing a card reader onto an entry door. You must have the proper low-voltage wiring run to each door for the system to function correctly. The most basic door access control system consists of a:

  • Door release mechanism
  • Credentials door reader
  • Control panel with access management software
  • Key cards or fobs

The central hub that maintains user data is the control panel. The control panel will host the access management software where you can grant employees access and manages the system. An employee will be given access with either a key card or a fob.

When the key card or fob is presented against the door reader, the door release mechanism will only open if the employee has access. This happens seamlessly, so there is little to no downtime between when the credentials are scanned and when the door is unlocked.

Installing a Control Access Door System

Running low-voltage cabling to every door should only be performed by a professional. A business could potentially have dozens or hundreds of entries to wire in. Properly running the cabling to every door ensures that your business keeps out unauthorized visitors and that the system continues functioning as intended. Adding other entrances into the system is easy with a professional installation.

Progressive Office Cabling runs the low-voltage wiring with the ability to scale and expand the system in the future. If your business is interested in a new door access control system or you are interested in adding to an existing system, contact Progressive Office Cabling at (800) 614-4560. We can devise a plan for tackling the door control access installation at your commercial business.