I hired MarketUS. It is owned by Michael Price. I hired them to get me onto the GSA schedule. They ended up stealing money from me and justifying it by saying I ordered “Coaching”. They lied. I am out $9,000 with little to show for it. I could pursue the DIY GSA that cost me $5,000. But they are insisting that I ordered the Coaching and my anger and frustration is making it impossible to work with them. Have you worked with Mike Price, Deane Trone, Jeff Connell or Guy Trone at MarketUS.com?

I know there are others out there.

Anyway, I have written about my experience. You can see those stories by clicking here and here. But what I am trying to do on this posting is to collect affirmations and stories from other companies that have had bad experiences with MarketUS.com. Maybe we can work together to fight MarketUS.com.

Please feel free to post your story or complaint. Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for your interest.