Structured cabling, cable, Washington DCThe structuring of cabling will result in better organization and easier management of the cables. If you are a building manager or business owner, you may already know a bit about structured cabling. You may be currently thinking about its installation in your premises. In the most basic terms, structured cabling allows for several devices like computers and telephones to be connected via a cabling system infrastructure. The following discusses several benefits of structured cabling for a facility or office. Consult with experienced structured cabling professionals to get the best results.


Structured cabling is technology that allows business managers to plan and prepare for the future, making its implementation a valuable investment. Structured cabling that installs a newer cable such as Cat 6 will provide adequate bandwidth, making it viable for an extended period as a business’ IT needs gradually expand. The high bandwidth of a structured cabling system will also give a business the increased ability to adapt newer applications, devices, and technologies.

Diagnosis and Repairs Made Easier

Whenever issues occur on multiple, disorganized cabling systems, determining the source of the problems will be difficult. Although structured cabling is a unified system, it is organized in segments, making it much easier for technicians to locate malfunctions and repair them.

Flexibility at Lower Costs

The people, equipment, and offices of an organization are not static. Businesses evolve and restructure as time passes. Employees of a department may have to move to another area. The entire area of an office may also need renovation. Typically, changes like these grind business to a halt, hurting the bottom line. However, a structured cabling system allows a company’s staff to move to another part of an office, connect, resume working, and remain productive without missing a beat.


Employees will also be able to connect their devices into any outlet of a structured cabling system as opposed to a particular wire, promoting flexibility and productivity. In addition, a structured cable system will be able to convey data in multiple forms, allowing staff on a network to connect with other computers, servers, printers, and telephones.

Simplified Management

One of the greatest advantages of a structured cabling system is the elimination of disorganized and unsightly wires. The replacement of a configuration using multiple cabling with a structured cabling system will result in easier and less costly management by technicians as they will save time on repairs and restructurings.

Union Network Cabling

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