Cabling, network cablingContemporary network design requires meeting the technical and application requirements of ever expanding and evolving IT and business demands. As time passes, this task is gradually becoming more complex and difficult for both service providers and enterprises. This article will discuss technical and application requirements of network design.

Technical Requirements

A network’s technical requirements can be defined as being the technical aspects that a network infrastructure has to provide in regards to availability, integration, and security. These are typically described as nonfunctional requirements. .


As technical requirements vary, they must be used to rationalize a particular selection of technology. Technical requirements are highly dynamic because as technology evolves, so must they. The following are network technical requirements:

  • Increased levels of network availability
  • Integration with network tools and services support
  • Provide for network infrastructure security techniques

Technical requirements assist network designers to be specific regarding technical specifications and the software version that will be able to support them. This sometimes also determines the choice of hardware platform.

Application Requirements

From the business perspective, user experience should receive the highest priority in IT and network design. Depending on the type of business, the term “end users” may vary in definition. Below is a summary of the most common end user categories:

  • Customers/Clients – An individual or a group served by a business. Their level of satisfaction can directly influence the community standing and income of a business.
  • Internal users – The focus is on internal users, who are the staff of an organization. Their productivity impacts business performance efficiency, which has a direct correlation to revenue.
  • Business partners – Represents two or more companies that are cooperating to attain individual or shared objectives. Whether or not they interact efficiently influences their respective success and profitability.

Part 2 will continue discussing Application Requirements.

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