Structured Cabling,Network Cabling ,Data CablingUtilizing best practices developed over time, structured cabling determines the design and construction of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Standardized practices ease modifications and additions and promote compatibility and reliability. The following will discuss the benefits of structured cabling for your organization’s IT infrastructure.


There will be times when it will be necessary to move forward with changes to your IT infrastructure. When this involves dealing with improperly placed cables without a labeling system, each project will take longer than what would be necessary for a well-organized system. Structured cabling’s best practices decrease downtime and minimize mistakes.


Structured cabling allows flexibility, meaning repairs and changes to the infrastructure become easier and faster to perform. This means data center managers will not hesitate to implement needed changes because they don’t have to deal with disorganized cabling that make their jobs much harder.

Future Proofing

The perpetual improvements of telecommunications technology make it crucial to have an IT infrastructure that can adapt to future technical advances. Structured cabling makes this possible by ensuring upgrades are not difficult to integrate with the existing system. Structured cabling enables future proofing, and so it can be considered a sound investment for companies anticipating expansion.


Structured cabling allows the creation of an IT infrastructure that features redundancy, which helps ensure reliability and accessibility, particularly during maintenance or repair. If a cable is somehow compromised, data communications can keep functioning over redundant cabling as repairs are being performed.


Business owners should consider structured cabling as an investment that will improve their IT infrastructures. As it will significantly increase the efficiency of its data operations, the ROI (return on investment) could far exceed the initial outlay for implementation over time.

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