Perhaps your business is remodeling or moving to a new location. Your lease may stipulate removing all wiring or network cables before moving out. Even if your lease does not explicitly call out cabling removal, leaving the office clean and ready for the next tenant will make a good impression on the landlord. However, it would be best to keep several do’s and don’ts in mind before pulling up your sleeves and removing old office cables.

  • Don’t Perform the Work Yourself

Many areas mandate that a licensed professional perform electrical work in commercial spaces. This means you cannot jump into removing network cables, even if they are low-voltage wires. Calling a professional could save you from a hefty fine or from accidentally harming the wiring system in the building.

  • Do Call Progressive Office Cabling

Progressive Office Cabling can quickly perform your network cable disposal. Our technicians will ensure all cables are correctly removed without harming the electrical system. We can also perform a cabling cleanup service if you are moving into a new office building.

Over the years, you may have acquired several cables that no longer power any equipment or are leftover from a rudimentary system. Performing a cable clean-up will leave your network cabling organized.

  • Don’t Throw Away Network Cables

Electrical waste, such as wires and cables, is awful for the environment. Lines break down into toxic substances in landfills, especially if the outer plastic coating is burned. Some cables also contain valuable materials, such as copper or aluminum, which can be reused to make new cables.

Old cabling should be recycled rather than thrown away. If you contract the cabling removal and disposal service to Progressive Office Cabling, you can rest assured that all old cabling is recycled correctly. If you are ready to discuss a commercial cable clean-up project, please get in touch with Progressive Office Cabling at 800-614-4560. We can provide a free estimate on our cable removal services.