Atlanta GA,Progressive Office CablingThrough sound planning and implementation of the best practices of structured cabling, organizations can optimize the dependability and efficiency of their data center cabling. The following are the Top 10 cabling tips for manageable data centers.

1) Color Code to Make Things Clearer

Use color coding for cables to make things clearer in a data center. Assign a purpose for each color and remain consistent. A logical color code scheme will make it easy for following cable runs and troubleshooting.

2) Cooler Cables Must Prevail

There is a misconception that only servers must stay cool. A great mass and density of cabling and poor ventilation will generate significant heat, which may be a detriment to data center performance and drive up utility bills.

3) Focus On Terminations

Teams should stay focused on cable terminations. Loose connections that are faulty will have to be tracked down and repaired individually. Poor connections will result in having to redo terminations, costing time and money.

4) Future Proof Conduits

Conduits should not be installed based solely on what is needed for the present. Future proof your conduits by basing your purchase on what will be needed in the future by your data center. There may be a time that an expansion will be needed when your organization grows.

5) Keep Data Cabling and Power Wiring Apart

Do not run data or communications cabling next to power wiring due to the potential of creating electromagnetic interference (EMI). In terms of data communication, an excess of EMI will hinder remote receivers from successfully detecting data packets. This will lead to a greater number of errors, increased network traffic because of packet retransmissions, and network congestion.

Part 2 will discuss five more cabling tips for manageable data centers.

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