As your business has grown, your IT room has become increasingly disorganized. Without prioritizing cable management, your IT room could quickly spiral out of control. Let the experts at Progressive Office Cabling handle your cable cleanup project. As the hub of all information at your business, keeping a tidy server room could prevent the following problems from arising:

  • Lower the Risk of an Electrical Fire

A jumbled mess of network cables prevents adequate airflow to your servers. Over time, your servers could accumulate dust or begin to overheat. Not only can this prematurely cause your servers to degrade, but it can also start an electrical fire.

An unorganized IT room will also be more prone to daisy-chaining cables as you may be unsure what cable is connected to what device. Daisy chaining extension cords or power strips is dangerous and may be against local fire codes.

  • Avoid Disruptions to the Network

You can accidentally disconnect a cable imperative to your business operations without knowing where each cable runs. Having a disorganized cable room makes running network diagnostics difficult. Your IT professional will spend significantly more time tracing backlines until they find the one they are looking for.

In addition, when cables are messy, connections could become loose or crosstalk with one another. This leads to your network speed suffering across the board. Optimize your employees’ time and network speed with an organized IT room.

  • Make Adding-On a Breeze

Having a well-organized cable room makes adding on an easy task. For example, if you want to add a conference room, you will have the space you need to run more cabling.

Contact Progressive Office Cabling for a Cable Cleanup

Progressive Office Cabling can tackle your IT room cleanup, no matter how disorganized it is. The final appearance of the cable room will be clean and tidy, and all cables will be marked. Call Progressive Office Cabling at (800) 614-4560 to discuss your cleanup project. Your IT professional will thank you in the long run!