Cable, cabling, help ,dcI got a call from a T1 provider that was looking for a cabling solution at an embassy here in Washington, DC. They wanted us to connect two buildings together with a Cat5 cable that would extend the T1 internet service from one building to the other. Both buildings were residential which means that neither was designed to have easy access to internal walls and ceilings. The problem was also compounded by the issue of a concrete slab that extended from building to building.

After our on-site inspection of the site, we found a relatively easy way to bring the cable from building to building. We hammer jacked a whole at the base of each building that allowed us to get the cable into each phone closet in the basements. The other challenge was getting the cable safely through the concrete slab. Again, we were fortunate because the slab has a relatively large joint gap between slabs. We cleaned out the gap. Laid the cable inside of the gap and then used concrete caulk to seal it up. The outdoor grade Cat5 cable should serve them well for many years to come.

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