You will be bombarded with different cabling options when running new network cabling at home or the office. Rather than becoming overwhelmed with cabling varieties, call Progressive Office Cabling. We can recommend the best cabling option for your application and make the installation a breeze.

What is Cat 7 Cabling?

Cat 7 cabling is an ethernet cable used for data transfer. You can hardwire a computer, television, printer, security camera, server, and much more using Cat 7 cabling. Hardwiring your network can improve data transmission speeds and offer more significant security than a wireless network. A wired network is much more challenging to hack into than a wireless network, making it ideal for workplaces with security concerns.

How Does Cat 7 Cabling Compare to Cat 6a?

Cat 7 cabling is an upgrade compared to Cat 6a because it can support a larger bandwidth. Cat 7 cabling can support 600 MHz bandwidth, while Cat 6a only comes in at 500 MHz. Cat 7 cabling can transmit data approximately 2.4 times faster than Cat 6. Although both cables can share data across 100 m, Cat 7 cabling can send up to 10 Gbps.

Making the Switch to Cat 7 Cabling

 If your business needs a cable upgrade, there has never been a better time to upgrade. Cat 7 cabling is 20 – 30% more expensive than Cat 6a, but Cat 6a will become technologically obsolete before Cat 7. You do not want to need to rerun new cabling in 5 years. Installing the next generation of cabling for your business will ensure you have access to high network speeds for years to come.

Contact Progressive Office Cabling to Upgrade the Cabling

Our professional technicians can provide a free estimate on a cabling upgrade project for your business. We will upgrade your cabling to Cat 7 with minimal disruptions to your day-to-day operations. Please call our office at (800) 614-4560 to discuss a cabling project for your residential home or commercial business. We will provide an in-depth plan of attack for running new cabling throughout the industry while removing the old.