Technology is one of the fastest evolving areas in the world. From software to hardware and everything in between, new generations of technologies are hitting the shelves that offer better, faster connections. While Cat5 cabling was a big deal back in its day, a new version is ready for grabs that promise to work wonders for internet and data transfer. Progressive Office Cabling is at the forefront of the new Cat6 cabling technology. Our contractors are experienced in upgrading an office at Cat6 cabling.

What Is Cat6 Cabling?

A Cat6 cable is a type of cable that is used in ethernet-based networks. It supports data transfer and offers faster speeds than any other cable on the market, up to 10Gbps. Its unique twisted construction using copper wiring is behind its ability to offer high performance, offering higher speeds at greater distances. The creation of the Cat6 cable came as the need for faster network speeds and data transfer hit the scene, allowing companies of all sizes to enjoy the benefits that come with high speeds.

The Benefits of Upgrading Office to Cat6 Cabling

Switching the office to Cat6 cabling has several benefits, several of which improve performance and increase customer usability:

  1. Overall Performance

Perhaps the biggest advantage that comes with upgrading to Cat6 cabling is the increased speed and optimized performance. Because the Cat6 was created to pair with Gigabit Ethernet, it compliments networks set up for high speed and allows them to enjoy seamless connection and seemingly unlimited data transfer.

  • Backward Compatibility

While backward compatibility might sound like a wacky concept, it is quite simple. Basically, Cat5 and Cat5e ports are the same as Cat6, leaving one less thing to change up when making the switch to an improved connection. Companies can start enjoying faster speeds if their network supports high-speed connection after Cat6 cable is installed by Progressive Office Cabling.

  • Included In Upgrades

Companies often upgrade their network and services, attempting to keep their connections running seamlessly. Cat6 comes standard with many upgrades, so you do not have to worry about future-proofing your equipment.

Upgrading the office to Cat6 cabling comes with a lot of benefits. Progressive Office Cabling can seamlessly transition your office to the latest and greatest in cabling technology. Please contact our office at 800-614-4560 to start the process of upgrading your office to Cat6 cabling.