New York NY Cat6 Office Cabling CompanyAs discussed in Part 1, when your company expands and network requirements change, it may be a great opportunity to perform a structured cabling upgrade. Part 2 will discuss Analysis Report, Choosing Cabling & Devices, and Installation, Testing & Evaluation.

Analysis Report

Using the information from the site survey and employee interviews, the network development team will draft an analysis report for your company’s review. This document will help ensure that important facts are included and that no mistakes were made regarding the data gathered. Once a final version is created, the upgrade process can commence.

Choosing Cabling & Devices

An evaluation regarding the advantages and disadvantages in terms of performance and expense of equipment should be made. Prototypes undergo testing, and this will give the network development team the chance to pinpoint and fix issues. During the process of selection, the types of cabling that may be tested are listed below.

Copper Cabling – Category 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 6e, Cat 7, Cat 7a, and the latest Cat 8. The newer standards will future proof your company. More expensive shielded cables feature foil shielding, which protects from EMI (electromagnetic interference). Less costly unshielded cables can be used in areas that have minimal interference.

Coaxial Cabling – Featuring a solid copper core and protective layers, coaxial cable supports various media that need stringent performance criteria, such as CCTV systems.

Fiber Optic Cabling – Resistant to EMI and capable of transmitting data at a faster rate and longer distances than copper and coaxial cables. Available in a number of varieties, fiber optic cabling comes in single mode, multi-mode, and laser optimized.

Installation, Testing & Evaluation

Proper planning and preparation should result in a smooth installation. Thorough testing should discover any issues that will be corrected, minimizing future disruption of your business. A final evaluation will be a report regarding performance, user experience, costs, and optimization. This report will help ensure the network development team met your company’s expectations.

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