When your company expands and network requirements change, it may be a great opportunity to perform a structured cabling upgrade. As is frequently the case, networks undergo unpredictable growth, resulting in technicians adding a variety of hardware of inconsistent quality from several different manufacturers one device at a time.

Typically, network performance decreases with each new item of equipment added. There may come a moment when the network is incapable of supporting user traffic. This article will discuss steps a business can take to prevent this situation.

Site Survey

Performing a site survey will allow the network development team to gather information regarding your facility and current cabling system. The study will provide data that will be the project’s foundation. A site survey will usually involve the items summarized below.

  • Determination of the amount and kinds of devices required for particular wired and wireless functions.
  • Note the configurations loaded onto current devices.
  • Create the physical layout of the current network infrastructure.
  • Sketch locations of cable runs, wiring closets, and outlets on a floor plan, making a physical topology a reference during the upgrade.
  • Map logical topology to display data pathways and locations of functions like routing.

Network Requirements

The network development team will meet with company personnel to determine current network requirements. Interviewing all departments will provide the most accurate projection of future network needs. The information the team will need is summarized below.

  • The present count of network users and the number expected to be added over the next year.
  • Which applications the network infrastructure must support. For example, will video conferencing and VoIP need to be supported by the structured cabling?
  • Which new services are presently needed or will be needed that the existing network does not now support.
  • Expectations regarding uptime and dependability will help determine required system redundancies.

Part 2 will discuss Analysis Report, Choosing Cabling & Devices, and Installation, Testing & Evaluation.

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