A typical business office looks very different today than it did 20 years ago. With the digital revolution age in full swing, most offices now conduct most of their work using the internet. Between communicating with intra-personnel, as well as video conferencing with outside clients, your office requires a larger bandwidth than it did before.

It can be frustrating for both your employees and clients if you are conducting business using a slow DSL internet provider. Slow internet service can severely hinder the productivity of your employees. Any business looking to upgrade their internet service should consider upgrading from DSL to cable internet. Progressive Office Cabling has a plethora of experience installing cable internet for our clients.

Advantages of Cable Internet

Technology is ever-changing and always improving. DSL internet used to be the latest and greatest technology back in the day. DSL internet uses phone lines to connect to the internet, and it was available in most areas. However, as technology is improving the required bandwidth needed is also increasing. DSL internet does not provide the amount of bandwidth needed to perform quickly and efficiently many of today’s computer tasks.

Cable internet provides everything that DSL does not. Although cable internet is more costly than DSL, it pays for itself with the additional amount of bandwidth that your business will have available. Cable internet requires, as the name suggests, cables to be run throughout your business. If your business does not have these cables already, Progressive Office Cabling is more than capable of outfitting your office. Cable internet is quickly rendering DSL internet obsolete due to its fast speeds and low upkeep cost.

Contact Us for a Personalized Cable Internet Quote

Once your business is ready to make the leap into the 21st century, contact Progressive Office Cabling to install your cable internet. Our technicians can provide you with a customized quote on running cable internet through your business. Please contact our main office at 800-614-4560 to speak with a representative.