Project Objectives (Do not call, this project has been COMPLETED)

Data Cabling ,Cat5e, Cat6/6a Cabling,,

Street View of US Court of Appeals Veterans Affairs

Number of Drops: 360 (140 duals, and 20 quads)

Ceiling: Non-plenum, separate ducting

Racks: Enclosed, 19”, will already be installed by customer

Switches: Provided by customer, 48 port

Patch cables: None necessary. They will provide patch cables from wall plate to computers and from patch panels to switches.

Labeling and documentation of all cabling is important. How this looks is important to them. Please provide a spreadsheet of all wallplates and rooms.

  • Location is behind elevators.
  • All workstation runs will terminate in wiring closet behind elevators.
  • We will mount patch panels in this closet on the wall. Use 24port, Cat5e, patch panels.
  • They will mount racks for switches.
  • 4 pairs of fiber will run from the closet to the server room on the same floor. We are to provide the cabling plant for the fiber.

Cat5e, Cat6/6a Cabling ,Structured Cabling

Ceiling Conduits

Office Cabling Network Cabling

Mounting Board in Wall Closet

Office Cabling Network Cabling

Server Room:

  • 2, 24 port patch panels per rack.
  • Cabling plant for fiber to switch closet.

Existing server room

Click HereThey want cable management hardware to be part of the solution. What you see in this room is what they’re cleaning up and looking to make high end and professional in the new location. Photos here include existing fiber. Note the ceiling cable management rack. In the new location these will be in place in the server room and along the ceiling in the main hallways.

Cat5e ,Cat6/6a Cabling ,Structured Cabling

Back of Fiber Management Panel

Cat5e ,Cat6/6a Cabling, Structured Cabling

Back of Server Rack

New server space – Roughed in area they’re moving to.

Cat5e ,Cat6/6a Cabling ,Structured Cabling

New Unfinished Server Room









General Floor Space:

  • Quad drops in each office and cube in the technology area
  • Dual drops in all other offices
  • 6 drops for cable t.v.
  • Wall facing outside is already dry walled and insulated

Part of that wall has large window with wall space under it. Customer is unsure if drops will go there or anywhere along that outside wall.

Includes the outside wall. They’re not sure if there will be drops along this wall. If so it’ll be interesting because of the insulation. Also note that they MAY want drops under the windows along this wall.

There are some pictures of the ceiling details. Also note that the client will already have cabling runners ceiling mounted down the middle of the two main hallways to the server room.

Data Cabling, Cat5e, Cat6/6a Cabling

Unfinished Office Space

Data Cabling Cat5e ,Cat6/6a Cabling

Ceiling and Insulated Wall

Office Cabling, Network Cabling

Ceiling Ductwork – Non-Plenum Ceiling

Office Cabling, Network Cabling

Unfinished Office Space

Office Cabling ,Network Cabling

Windows along insulated Outer Walls

Special Fiber Optic Line Item Bid:

US Court of Appeals wants this as a line item so they can choose to add this work or not when they’re doing the budget.

Fiber runs between floors. The floor plan represents the 6th floor. 14 runs broken out as follows. A single 6-strand fiber cable will be run from the 6th to each floor in the table below. Three strands will be connected and three will be left as spares.

# of Runs Floor
3 11th
3 10th
3 9th
3 2nd
2 Mezzanine

12’ ceilings, concrete floors.

Conduit already exists between the floors. We have to repack the conduit we use with fire stop putty to meet fire code. See photos of the “Switch closet” for conduit images.