Network Cabling,voip phone servicesOne of the biggest issues facing small businesses today is maintaining profitability in an economy that is still struggling.  It can be incredibly difficult to justify a price increase to customers who are struggling even when the cost of materials has gone up. This problem leaves businesses trying to find simple ways to cut costs in an effort to increase margins without making sacrifices that will cause quality or service to suffer.

If your business is still relying on traditional business phone service in order to connect with customers switching to VOIP service could provide the perfect avenue for reducing costs without sacrifice. VOIP business service includes all of the features that you rely on for effective connection with your customers but costs a fraction of what you are probably paying for your traditional phone service.  VOIP includes caller ID, call waiting, conference calling and a host of other convenient features with a monthly cost of anywhere from about fifty to eight five percent lees than what you’re paying now.

VOIP will also give you options that you couldn’t get with your current phone system.  VOIP can forward calls to your cell phone, forward voice mail messages to your e-mail and can be fully integrated with other means of communication within your office.  By switching to VOIP you can experience the dramatic savings on expenses that you need to stay profitable while at the same time improving customer service and easing communication.