Network Cabling,VOIP PHONE SYSTEMIf your business is still operating with traditional “land line” phone service you are missing a valuable opportunity to increase each employee’s productivity by increasing the ease of connection.  With your current system your two most often used forms of customer communication, phone and e-mail, are entirely separate.  VOIP can integrate your phone service with other integral modes of office communication like e-mail and fax to make communication on all fronts much easier and much more convenient.

With VOIP employees can have voice mail messages forward directly to their e-mail so they can be notified instantly when a customer needs attention.  Regardless of location VOIP phone service allows employees to stay in touch and completely connected with customers, bosses and coworkers.

VOIP phone service also includes features that make life at the office easier.  VOIP can be set up to help direct customers right to the extension they need for the most appropriate answers to their questions.  This can save time for employees and help to provide the fastest possible service to each customer in need.

Providing timely service and facilitating  communication with the tools provided by VOIP could be the difference between success and failure for a small business.  VOIP is more than just phone service it is a more efficient, more affordable and more effective way to stay connected.