Today, we rely on the internet for almost everything we do. The faster the connection, the better. A complex network cabling system is needed for our devices to connect to the web and download and upload content. Businesses of all sizes benefit from upgraded cabling, though you might not even be sure what a network cable is. If your network speeds or connectivity are lacking, contact one of our representatives at Progressive Office Cabling for a free estimate on running new cabling.

What Are Network Cables?

At the dawn of the digital era, category cabling became a hit. From 1980 forward, different cat (short for the category) cables have hit the market, advancing alongside the evolution of technologies and network connections. Today, Cat8 cables are the newest release, though Cat5 – Cat7 is still commonly found within businesses.

Cat1 – Cat4: Obsolete

From the beginning of telecommunications, Cat1 does not have a place on the market. Upgrading a bit throughout the years, Cat1 – Cat4 cabling has become obsolete with today’s high-speed internet connections. Back in their day, Cat1 – Cat4 were used for:

  • Cat1 – Telecommunications with just 1MHz of bandwidth.
  • Cat2 – The fax machine’s rise increased bandwidth to 4Mbps.
  • Cat3 – Cat3 cabling is still used for some telephone wiring, though you will not find it used for network connections. Cat 3 cabling increased bandwidth data up to 10Mbps.
  • Cat4 – Offered up to 16Mbps of bandwidth, but it is no longer used.

Cat5e: 125MHz and beyond

Cat5c cabling vastly improved upon Cat4 cabling, increasing bandwidth to 1GHz and offering faster ethernet-based connections.

Cat6 & Cat6a Welcome to gigabit ethernet.

Cat6 provided higher speeds and less crosstalk than Cat5e cabling, but Cat6a worked even better. Offering up to 500MHz of bandwidth per pair, networks performed better, faster, and more efficiently than ever before using Cat 6a cabling.

Cat7: Does it exist?

The Technology Industry Association (TIA) doesn’t recognize the Cat7 cable. Though there are some variations of it used internationally.

Cat8: The cable of the future

Our tasks online can range from simple to super complex. High-performance data centers are on the rise and lightning-fast speeds for data transfer and download are in demand for some businesses. That’s where Cat8 can benefit, coming with 2Ghz per pair – the fastest cabling setup on the market today.

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