If you are in the market for a security system, you might have come across the term “low-voltage contractor”. Low voltage is considered anything less than 50 volts, covering most modern technologies. Progressive Office Cabling is a long-time experienced low voltage contractor that can install your next security system.

Why Businesses Need Low-Voltage Contractors

Recent reports have estimated that internal theft has cost businesses in the U.S up to $50 billion dollars per year. That does not include theft from outsiders, which is also a big deal for businesses. One solution to prevent theft is the installation of security systems, which come in a wide range of forms.

Evolutions in technologies have trickled into the world of security, resulting in improvements that make surveillance a breeze. Now, with the right setup, business owners can get a text straight to their phone if suspicious activity is captured and enjoy perks like infrared vision, 360° views, and real-time playback.

What Else Is Considered Low-Voltage?

Apart from security systems, low voltage wiring covers technologies like thermostats, some lighting, and cabling connected to telecommunication and Wi-Fi systems. All of these are essential to businesses, which is why it pays off to have them on your team. Progressive Office Cabling can provide recommendations on the best low voltage solutions for your business.

What Low-Voltage Contractors Do

Because the term low-voltage covers several electronic systems, contractors that specialize in the field, such as Progressive Office Cabling, are highly useful to businesses. Apart from installation of systems, we can also:

•             Maintain overall connectivity

•             Repair any low-voltage systems that are not working

•             Covert other applicable systems to low voltage

•             Streamline overall connectivity

Our low-voltage contractors can vastly improve your business productivity and do such things as increase safety and efficiency. Businesses that use the expertise of a low voltage contractor can enjoy lower costs and ensure that all their applicable technologies are running efficiently.

Benefits Of Low-Voltage Wiring

There are several perks that come along with low-voltage wiring. Among them are the fact that they are energy and cost-efficient – all without a complex and drawn-out means of installation. By using Progressive Office Cabling, your businesses can have a long-lasting solution tailored to your energy needs. Please contact our office at 800-614-4560 to discuss your low voltage energy project.