Network Cabling, Data CablingNo, it’s not ET calling home. “Alien Crosstalk” is defined as “unwanted signal coupling from one balanced twisted-pair component, channel, or permanent link to another”.

Alien crosstalk is not generally affected by common noise from motors, transformers, or florescent lighting fixtures. Alien crosstalk is specified as “a parameter for cabling to approximate the energy present when all cabling pairs are energized”.

Compliant cabling products are designed to satisfy alien crosstalk requirements. Category6A/class EA and class F/FA are cables that support 10GBASE-T applications.

  • UTP (Category6A/class EA) has increased cable diameter up to 9.0 mm (0.354 in.) and separation between connectors to reduce alien crosstalk.
  • F/UTP (Category6A/class EA and class F/FA) has foil screens to virtually eliminates alien crosstalk
  • S/FTP (Class F/FA) has full shielding that eliminates alien crosstalk

The main difference between Category 6A/class EA and Category 6/class E UTP cables is the greatly increased thickness outer jacket wall to ensure compliant alien crosstalk performance. Installations that deform the jacket by excessive pathway fill or over-cinching tie wraps, etc. can compromise alien crosstalk performance.

Shielded (F/UTP) and fully-shielded designs (S/FTP) reduce alien crosstalk to virtually zero levels, offering the added benefit of substantially improved noise protection at all frequencies. This immunity is especially critical at frequencies above 30 MHz, where the inherent balance of the cable starts to significantly degrade. Proper installation practices must be closely followed to help reduce alien crosstalk, using Installation practices that prevent deforming the outer jacket.

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