You might have heard about structured cabling, but do you really know what it is? Structured cabling comes with several key benefits that you do not want to miss out on. Progressive Office Cabling can run structured cabling within your business, no matter what your current cabling situation looks like.

What Is Structured Cabling?

Today, we rely on data and signals for everything. Whether making phone calls or sending emails, a complex mix of hardware and wires is needed to make it a success. As you might guess, wiring can get complicated and messy if not organized properly, adding clutter, and interfering with the connection.

This is where structured cabling comes in. Structured cabling is an infrastructure of strategically placed cabling and hardware that is used for the transmission of data and signals. It helps prevent clutter and keeps things highly organized so that wiring does not become an issue.

Benefits Of Structured Cabling

There are several benefits that come along with structured cabling:

  • Organization

The top benefit of structured cabling is organization. Instead of having wires run all over the place, it offers an organized and neat way to have all wires in one place. Our technicians at Progressive Office Cabling can organize even the messiest cable racks.

  • Easy Fixes

When it comes to connections, there is always something that can go wrong. Messy cabling makes it difficult to perform emergency repairs because cables will not be properly marked or lost in the clutter. Having structured cabling makes it easier when it comes to rebooting your system and making sure it is running smoothly.

  • Less Downtime

Systems run into operational errors occasionally, knocking systems out and causing businesses to experience downtime. With structured cabling, finding the issue becomes less of a tedious task, resulting in less downtime which keeps your customers satisfied. 

  • Professional Look

There is nothing worse than walking into a place of business with a messy bunch of cables. Aesthetics are important to the way customers perceive you as a company, which is why you should keep things clean and organized.

  • Cost-Effective

Having a system that is organized and easy to manage saves a ton of money down the road. You can shave hours off repairs in the future by having structure cabling. Please contact Progressive Office Cabling at 800-614-4560 to inquire about our cable clean-up services. We can save your business money in the long run by tidying up your office cables.