Keeping your place of business secure from theft is not easy. Burglary can occur at any time of the day or night and maintaining a security force comes straight out of your profits. An easy way to deter would-be burglars from your business is to install motion sensor alarm systems. Not only do these alarm systems function to dissuade unauthorized visitors from entering your property but they can also be used for a multitude of other functions. Whether you are looking to deter theft or decrease your electric bill, Progressive Office Cabling can install motion sensor cameras on your property.

Types of Motion Sensor Cameras

Motion sensor cameras are not only for keeping your property safe. Progressive Office Cabling has decades of experience in installing the following camera systems:

  1. Motion Sensor Lights

Many businesses have upgraded to motion-activated lights within their offices, break rooms, or bathrooms to cut down on their utility costs. Motion sensor lights will sense once an individual is in a room and automatically kick on or off. This will save money on your electric bill and cut down on your carbon footprint as a business.

  • Motion Sensor Doors

Installing doorways on a motion sensor system is an additional way to beef up the security in your building. Motion sensors will detect when an individual is present in front of the door, and they will only open the door once the proper keycard has been scanned. For all other visitors, the door will remain closed. To stay compliant with building fire codes, the doors will automatically open outwards once they sense an individual standing in front of the doors. There is no need to scan a keycard to exit back through the doors in the event of a fire.

  • Alarm System

The most common use for motion sensors is to tie them into your alarm system. Motion sensors can be programmed to kick on after a certain time of the day to sound an alarm if they detect movement. This alarm can be specific to an area on your property or cover the entire location.

Trust the Experts to Install a Motion Sensor System

Progressive Office Cabling has decades of experience in running cabling and security systems for area businesses. We are located across several states and would be happy to send a technician to your business to provide a free quote on a motion sensor system installation.