As businesses become more technology-based, you will require larger bandwidth and faster network speeds to keep up with the competition. A slow network means your employees cannot work to the best of their ability, causing significant delays in work deliverables. You can avoid delays and speed past the competition by having Progressive Office Cabling fiber optic cabling for your business.

What is fiber optic cabling?

Fiber optic is a network cable that delivers your data through strands of glass. Standard Ethernet cables have a maximum running distance before the data connection is significantly impeded. Fiber optics, on the other hand, can deliver lightning-fast data speeds across vast distances. You can also increase your bandwidth through a fiber optic connection.

How Your Business Would Benefit from Fiber Optic

Every business is becoming more reliant on the internet. To remain competitive, your internet speed should be able to keep up with your employees. Your business would benefit from installing fiber optic cabling for the following reasons:

  1. Increased Bandwidth – You will not be throttled on your internet connections, even during heavy usage. This means your business can keep up with video conferencing and other heavy bandwidth usage activities.
  • Greater Security – A fiber optic connection is less likely to become hacked than a standard ethernet connection. If your business handles susceptible information, you will significantly benefit from a fiber optic connection.
  • Save Money in the Long Run – As ethernet cables become obsolete, your business must spend additional money to upgrade your network cabling. Fiber optic cabling can bring high speeds with little to no maintenance required. While the upfront cost of installing fiber optic is high, you can expect a great ROI on your project.

Install Fiber Optic Cabling for your Business

If your business is ready to switch to fiber optic cabling, please get in touch with Progressive Cabling at (800) 614-4560. Our experienced technicians can provide a free estimate for your fiber optic cabling project.