windows_7I have been watching the television advertising and also reading print ads and I have noticed an interesting phenomena. Microsoft is advertising that it’s new Windows 7 operating system is very very good. They are trotting out good reviews and smiling babies. I also read recently that part of the reason that the umpteenth version of Windows is going to be great is because hardware manufacturers are preparing the new device drivers and that they will be ready before the operating system is released.

Well, in case you are unfamiliar with device drivers, I will explain. The device driver is the software that makes the peripherals on your computer work. Every peripheral device has to have unique, proprietary software written that will enable it to communicate properly with the CPU on the new operating system. New OS, new device drivers. And every computer has lots of devices. It has a mouse, keyboard, network card, sound card, monitor, printer, hard drive, RAM and more. Do you realize how many hardware devices are out there? I would be willing to guess that there are well over 10,000 PC peripherals out there. And every single one has to have new software written to make it work properly on Windows 7.Contact Us

So, here we go again. A new operating system and promises that this version is so much better. But as I have stated in the past, I just don’t think it is necessary for Microsoft to keep redesigning the software foundation when what we really need is innovation among the software applications.

I doubt that it will be stable and reliable. Microsoft has never had a new operating system that works well upon initial release. This media blitz only proves that even Microsoft is concerned about the opinions and problems of past Windows products.

What do you think?