wireless router problemsIf you are looking to just share the Internet or maybe grab an occasional document or spreadsheet, maybe it is fine. But if you are sharing a database like Quickbooks or a contact management database, I believe you are putting your company at risk of data corruption.  Wireless is too unreliable and if the signal weakens at just the wrong moment, you can have a problem. Let’s say you lose the signal just as you are recording a transaction. In that instant, you can get your database corrupted and lose all of your work for that day.

Or worse, if you have not backed up in a few days or weeks, you can lose a lot more. Or, let’s say the data corruption is low-grade but it effects a large number of records and does not lead to a catastrophic failure for a few weeks or months. In that case, you might have had data backup but the data has been corrupted all along but was not causing major problems until after using it for a while longer.SEO Internet Marketing Quote

Don’t use wireless in your office unless you can restrict the access to just Internet access. It is not worth the risk.

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