data cabling, installation , network2018 is shaping up to be a year with several exciting emerging data cabling trends. This article will discuss four that will be making an impact this year. Before embarking on a data cabling project, consult with an expert and experienced team to get the best results.

1) Avigilon

Increasingly used by many organizations concerned about security, video surveillance is being deployed in public places and schools to improve the security and safety of staff members, customers, and students. Avigilon technology dramatically reduces the time required for video review analysis that may aid in apprehending a suspect, locating lost children, and performing other security related tasks.

Video surveillance is now being augmented by advanced appearance search technology that will significantly improve its effectiveness. Rather than visually reviewing hours of video feed recorded by several cameras, the Avigilon search engine analyzes this footage to track a person, determine which exit they chose, and gather this evidence rapidly.

2) IP Video and Audio

Over the past few years, video and audio over IP has been quickly gaining traction because of advancing technology, decreased costs, and business acceptance.  AV system component makers have been featuring video and audio over IP in their products, bringing greater capabilities to AV systems.

Audio can be transmitted over VLANs for making emergency announcements or paging people. Current network infrastructure can be used to deliver audio and video to overflow areas from the audio and video systems of other rooms. Current network infrastructure can be utilized or placed on managed dedicated networks, aiding IT staff members who typically oversee AV systems.

System expansion is made easier because buying new equipment or creating infrastructure won’t be necessary. A client’s requirements can be kept in the forefront when building and scaling systems, avoiding the purchase of big matrixes or switches by acquiring encoders and decoders as needed by the system.

Part 2 will discuss Low Voltage Lighting Over POE and Passive Optical Networks.

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