Properly installed, a structured cabling system will increase a company’s network efficiency. It will be worth the cost because connectivity is a crucial factor for the success of your business over time. In contrast, investing in a flawed design will endanger the viability of your company.

How your facility is configured and the choices made regarding cabling and equipment will play a great part in maximizing uptime and decreasing costs. The foundation of an excellent structured cabling system is the implementation of best practices.

The ultimate goal is creating an IT infrastructure that will be highly reliable and perform very well for all those who depend on it. Using industry standards will make maintenance, repair, revisions, expansion, and future-proofing easier. The following will discuss five capabilities of an excellent structured cabling system.


Initially perceived merely as storage for company information, data centers are now providing support for an increasing number of business functions. Decision makers are turning to data centers to empower their teams, increase customer satisfaction, and promote profitability.

Technological requirements will evolve to cope with changes in the business climate. An organization will need a flexible infrastructure capable of adapting rapidly whenever it is necessary. A well-designed structured cabling system will enable a business to stay nimble and scale as needed.

As the volume of data being processed rapidly grows, along with the dependence of a company on the information, the potential for losses will be greater when there is downtime. Downtime will become more likely whenever users must share inadequate bandwidth, resulting in bottlenecks in data traffic. As a result, a business may go without its most mission-critical business functions during the critical periods.

A properly-built structured cabling system can help minimize damaging downtime even as it scales to handle more users and data. Planning for the future by installing an infrastructure with the most bandwidth the budget will allow would be wise in most cases.

Part 2 will discuss Cloud Applications, Enterprise Virtualization, Mobile Device Support, and Documentation, Security & Compliance.

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