Fiber Optic Cabling Company Atlanta GA Pittsburgh PAOrganizations and data centers have concluded that structured cabling provides a durable foundation for a sound and efficient network infrastructure. As a result, management teams are reconsidering their existing data cabling configurations. For example, organizations are thinking of transferring some or all of their IT systems to cloud-based data centers that utilize virtualization.

A properly designed network infrastructure is a prerequisite for being able to adapt emerging technology and support crucial systems cost effectively. Conventional cabling met network requirements in the past, but the growth of data and demand for speed are rapidly transforming what a business will need in the future.

New companies are planning their data center cabling structure well ahead of their first day of business to attain high efficiency, maximum utilization, and optimal provisioning. During the conception stage, data center architecture needs to address issues revolving around space, power, cooling, security, and costs.

Data transmission and storage, communications, power, and video should also be prioritized. However, monitoring, network security, system updates, backups, software support, and maintenance are also of great importance.

As you may be considering improving your company’s network, it may be helpful to keep in mind four new approaches for data center cabling discussed below.


The concept of convergence has been applied to networking and data cabling. Functions for data, phone, and video are being offered on a single network by service providers. Introduced several years ago, the convergence approach is gaining in strength via structured cabling for data centers.

Applying this approach allows for greater cable density or minimizing cable usage, resulting in providing the proper network capacity for a particular architecture and delivering the advantages below:

  • High density server racks and storage arrays reduce cable pathways for improved air flow.
  • Input and output convergence offers simplified data cabling and greater design flexibility.
  • Higher-density connectivity and higher-capacity cables provide improved performance.

Part 2 will discuss Modular Design, Optimized Network Infrastructure, and Virtualization.

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