network cabling, office cablingIn some cities, office space is at a premium and very expensive due to rapidly growing demand. When a company needs to optimize its workplace, configuring their structured cabling is a good place to start. A project retrofitting the cabling of an existing office should have a minimum service life of 10 years. Cabling installed in newly constructed buildings should have a service life of 15 to 20 years.

Network architecture that emphasizes the design of local area network (LAN) cabling will decrease expenses as well as improve network performance and efficiency. The underlying basis for sound LAN design is TIA 568 and 569-B standards. Both provide guidance regarding hierarchy and placement of spaces for installation, covering work areas, building, campus & horizontal distributors, equipment rooms, and entrances. IT staff should become familiar with the trends that will be discussed below.

3 Crucial Drivers

Managers of networks should keep in mind the three most important drivers of connectivity: Wi-Fi, PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices, and IBW (In-Building Wireless) systems.

Now a very important need of every business, Wi-Fi extends LANs to meeting spaces such as conference rooms, giving their personnel mobility and flexibility. An IT network that did not adequately consider Wi-Fi during design may find it difficult to proceed with cable installation near enough to enable connection to WAPs where necessary.

Technology advances in the development of PoE will help maximize space by allowing cabling to power devices. The latest standard, IEEE 802.3bt, can provide up to 96W of power via a data cable, allowing new applications and expanding usage to high-performance wireless access points and surveillance cameras.

The rising demand for more mobility and the difficulty of maintaining cellular coverage over a large facility has led to the growing presence of dedicated IBW systems, deploying small cell technology and distributed antenna systems.

Part 2 will discuss Cabling System Performance and Densification of Networks.

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