Network Cabling ConfigurationInstalling network cabling in your office will result in a number of added benefits but it’s what networking will eliminate that could have the biggest impact in some environments.  The increased speed, increased performance and added security of a network are amazing attributes, but the ability to instantly share pertinent information is a feature that can truly enhance office operations.

In order to share programs or data in an environment where PCs operate independently, data needs to first be transferred to a back up medium before it could be shared with other users.  Employees would have to take the time to copy an important file or program to a CD or disk and then manually transfer it to the destination PC in order to use it.  This is inconvenient, time consuming and costly when compared to PCs that are networked and can instantly share files, programs or data with no need for external transfer.

Connecting your PCs and office equipment with network cabling can save time and effort by allowing all employees to have immediate access to pertinent data and programs.  This eliminates the need to purchase, store and eventually dispose of expensive disks that contain potentially sensitive information.  Eliminating the need to manually transfer files and programs between PCs can help to streamline office operations and create a much more efficient environment.Click Here