USB-3.0, Office Cabling, Network CablingUSB 3.0 is coming at the end of this year and it has the potential to make a significant difference in your computing experience. If you bought your computer any time after the year 2000, it probably came equipped with at least one USB 2.0 port. However, later this year computers will start shipping that include USB 3.0 ports, which can transmit data up to ten times as fast.

Here’s what to expect.

  • Dubbed “SuperSpeed,” USB 3.0 is much faster at transferring data than its predecessor. The current 2.0 ports can transfer packets of information at speeds of 480Mbit/s, but the 3.0 spec will be able to handle 4.8 to 5Gbit/s.
  • USB ports can transfer not only information but also electricity to peripherals, which will make a whole slew of new product ideas possible. While energy transfer is nothing new in USB ports, the new version will transfer more power so that products will recharge faster.
  • The new USB 3.0 will still work with your old USB 2.0 connector. It will auto-sense the connection and downshift to the appropriate data transfer rate.
  • USB 3.0 is bi-directional in that it transfers data in and out from the device to your computer at the same time. USB 2.0 was only able to transfer data in or out but not able to send and receive data in both directions at the same time.

Contact UsIncreased speed, higher energy transfer and bi-directional data transfer promises to help bring a lot of new product ideas for your computer and other USB 3.0 devices. Maybe you can even take a USB 3.0 Flash Drive to your Redbox and plug it in and get a movie. The possibilities are endless and exciting!