IT Support, Data Cabling,Atlanta GAIf your organization is considering a new VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system, you should think about the structured cabling system needed to support it and maximize its potential. The following summarizes the advantages your digital phone system will have with a well-designed structured cabling system.

Decreased Noise

CAT 6 and CAT 6A cable provides more noise reduction than older cables. Fiber optic cabling is even better. Less noise resistance results in more static and faulty connections during phone conversations. Higher levels of noise also decrease network speed because the system is forced to retransmit data until it is no longer corrupted. Although purchasing lower quality cable saves money in the short run, it may result in long term business losses because of slower response times and annoyed customers.

Lengthened Runs

Higher quality cable will be capable of supporting longer runs that are free of artifacts and errors. Fiber optic cables are not restricted by the length of runs. It is the superior option for a data center or business telephone system because of its excellent noise resistance and high speed. Although second choices, CAT 5e to CAT 6A cabling are capable of supporting runs to 100 meters without noise. Cables that can support long runs provide greater flexibility for layouts, decreasing the need for data hubs or repeaters and increasing reliability.

Maintenance Savings

CAT 5e, CAT 6, and fiber optic cables are highly dependable. However, if they ever become faulty or the network needs to be reconfigured, a structured cabling system that is well organized and diligently marked will save time spent on maintenance. While a company’s network is down, business may be impacted, resulting in lost revenue. Tracing faults is made much easier by a sound structured cabling system.

Transmission Speed

Business is often time-sensitive, and you will want to use the highest quality cable your company can afford. CAT 6A cable is capable of supporting a maximum of 10 Gigabits per second while CAT 5e can only achieve 100 mbps. Older, less capable cables are not recommended because their slow data transmission and high noise levels cannot meet current VOIP demands.

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